Writing Tips from Rasputin: Public Shame and Arsenic

Rasputin is one of those people in history whose life sounds like a ridiculous made for TV movie.

Rasputin was almost impossible to kill because, paranoid freakshow that he was, he took daily doses of arsenic to prevent poisoning.

Why am I talking about this paranoid sex cult royalist?

I stopped being comfortable with being embarrassed.

Everything I tried to write felt deeply embarrassing.

Luckily, this has happened to me before.

Here’s how:

That was your first dose of arsenic.

You have canceled writers block forever.

You are invincible.

The world is chaotic and messy in a way that is completely different from the chaotic mess in your brain.

You’re going to get canceled by a 16-year-old for

a fundamental truth in your life, something you feel zero shame or compunction about.

When I remember that shame is not that interesting and not that rational?

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