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The Fuck Does This Make Money: Short Gemini Behavior

Lily and I did this interview four times. We’ve been friends for years, so arguably we’ve been preparing for it for a lot longer.

The first two interviews were lost because I don’t know how to use my voice recorder.

The third interview Lily refused to stop talking about Gotham, the worst CW show in the world.

The fourth interview went something like this.

Ok. The fuck do you make money?

I am a sex worker and I work at a nonprofit. I like saying my jobs at the same time…

Evaluating Information on the Internet — an Informal Checklist

How do we know who to trust? What is the different between #traumainformed and trauma informed?

Like many burnt out people during the pandemic this year, I got really into bodywork, cultural somatics, ‘embodiment’, and all of the fun stuff in the zeitgeist right now because we are all very fucked up :)

Wellness Resources Are Easy to Find

I’m new to this world — I’ve read a lot of books, fallen into a lot of different Google research holes, but have no clinical or therapeutic training.

In some ways, this…

Generational Queer Repression + Listening to “Slumber Party”

Every queer person over the age of 27 that I sent “Slumber Party” to had an immediate visceral reaction.

HEY: Are you related to me? Are we coworkers of some kind, or do we have a professional relationship? Well, this article talks about sex. If that feels weird, skip it. Thanks!

(Love you mom!)

Every queer person over the age of 27 I sent “Slumber Party” to had an immediate visceral reaction.

This song

It’s simply too powerful

I think

Allis said in the group chat.

Ernestina almost crashed her car.

Why I’m Sharing My Transgender Novel on a Fanfiction Website

For the last few years, I’ve worked really hard on this novella, determined to write it in a way that made me feel good, felt like a trans story that I was proud of and needed to be in the world, and also frankly, to make it worthy of prestige — lit fic level.

The longer I work on it, the more I’m conscious of two things:

  1. This is a Queer friendship romance novel
  2. 2. I don’t really care if cis people read it

Most of the feedback that I’ve…

Relatable Moments in Emma Goldman’s Autobiography

If only we could bring down capitalism I could spend my whole life in pursuit of my real passion… <messy polyamory drama>

Emma Goldman’s autobiography “Living My Life” is a great book for leftist history buffs who enjoy lurid gossip about dead people.

Here are some highlights.

The One Where Writing Things Down is for Losers

“Suggestions that I write my memoirs came to me when I had scarcely began to live, and continued all through the years. But I never paid heed to the proposal. …

Relatable Sociopathy

Or, is Brene Brown normal or messed up?

Eleanor says Brene Brown’s podcast sounds like a clip from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Dennis says to Mac: “you know, I’ve been having these feelings, a lot. do you remember feelings, man? Like you had when you were a teenager?”

Mac says: “yeah dude. I have emotions, feelings, every single day of my life. I have hundreds of them. Every day. “

Dennis looks horrified, disgusted, and a little bit confused.

If you add wine mom energy to this scene, you get Brene Brown’s podcast.

Brené Brown asks…

Does Drew Barrymore like the idea of taking a class? How do you know who to trust?

Billy Eichner used to have a recurring segment on his show where he would ask celebrities about what Drew Barrymore likes.

It was called “does Drew Barrymore like this?It went pretty much as you would expect from the title.

Eichner would read from a list of unrelated things — hearing singing, the IRS, throwing a christmas party, a side salad, when there’s too many people in an elevator — and the celebrity on the show that week would have 60 seconds to guess whether or not Drew Barrymore liked those things.

Drew Barrymore, of course, was not affiliated with…

I’ve reading fanfiction since I was 11 years old, my two index fingers punching over the keyboard trying to find a different version of how Sirius Black got murdered, a different version where preferably, he didn’t.

To me, the appeal of fanfiction lies in the filling in the gaps.
Maybe that’s the appeal of all fiction: someone on Twitter recently argued that maybe fiction fulfills us more when it’s mediocre — we are more drawn to things that we can fill in the gaps of.

There’s no real discussion about a perfect movie.

There’s plenty of discussion about a Marvel…

Policy debate is the only high school activity I can think of where every characteristic is completely insane.

It is also the only one where you have to wear business professional attire.

Here is a bare minimum description of high school policy debate: two teams enter, one team leaves.

JK both teams leave.

But first they spend 45 minutes to an hour arguing about a topic decided at the beginning of the year by a national committee.

This topic can be anything from the amount of funding we should give Americorps, to whether or not gay people should be in…

One time, Dany Olivia Micah and I walked around Pratt Beach at the pier, where Dany and Andi got married (in Chicago).

I can’t remember if there were a bunch of teens making out on the pier that night or if I’m getting it confused with all of the other times I went to Pratt Beach. Every time I walk on that pier at night it seems like I ran into teens making out.

Any rate, we were walking along the pier, and the waves were crashing really really loudly, really heavily.

Actually they weren’t, I’m thinking of their wedding…


sci fi / future history / marketing / for some reason, newsletters / Chicago

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